Porsche Smith

Funk / Jazz / Blues

With lush lyricism, bluesy vocals, and a knack for crafty guitar riffs, singer/songwriter Porsche Smith is commanding a crowd all her own. Having shared stages with John Legend, India.Arie, Slakah the Beatchild, Eric Darius, and many other acclaimed artists -- as a skilled musician and producer, Porsche continues to pave one incredibly independent road to critical success. No stranger to accolades, the California-native (representing the Bay area) was a Take Back the Music Campaign feature in Essence Magazine, and won both the John Lennon Songwriting Award and John Legend’s Be Legendary contest. Smith has also collaborated with guitarist Justin Lyon’s of K-Pop’s Big Bang Band, and also wrote for Deonis Cook (Jill Scott) and Carmen Rodgers from The Foreign Exchange, quickly establishing herself as one of the most versatile, must-hear artists on the rise today. Smith’s style is engaging and heartfelt, heard across several records including her critically-acclaimed debut About Life, a genre-melding follow-up EP called Loveland, her hip-hop/soul mixtape dubbed The Break Up, and a self-titled EP with her multifaceted ladies-only band Beauty and the Beats. “This next project is indeed therapy for the soul. It’s the personal process I recently went through, which I’m sure many will relate to.” In 2013, Porsche Smith penned, played, and produced her sophomore release Superhuman, an album that saw her framing a love for R&B, hip-hop, jazz, soul, and alternative with a rock infused trim. “I wrote the title track for Superhuman back in 2007 after somewhat of a bad breakup. At the time, I was wishing I could’ve walked away unaffected, unphased. I had this picture in my head of having teflon skin, where nothing could get to me. From that, the idea began to expand to other ideas about being superhuman — and musically-speaking, being able to transcend genres, with it being a multi-genre album. Simply put, Superhuman is the under and overestimation of ourselves, where we are perfect, supernatural.. yet in a poetic sense still frail and imperfect.” Since releasing Superhuman, Smith has been touring as a featured, nightly solo act with several of the world`s most renown cruise lines -- including Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines -- commanding audiences across the Mediterranean, Alaska, North Africa, and the Caribbean. Now, she’s gearing up to release her third solo piece Therapy in 2017. “This next project is indeed therapy for the soul. It’s the personal process I recently went through, which I’m sure many will relate to.” Armed with impressive musical dexterity, lyrics for deep thought flowing over an enchanting alto, Smith will first open your ears, then your mind, and eventually your heart. Stay tuned to hear more from this fresh face and brilliant talent who, in these uncertain times, might just have the therapy we all need.