Julia Brandt

Favorite Classics

Julia Brandt is a local singer/musician who;s music encompasses jazz, originals, Bossa nova soul and folk. A classic smooth sound singing some standards as well. Its time to relax. Born in Northbrook Illinois, Julia began writing songs in High school. Traveling and gigging from Anchorage Alaska to Carmel Valley where she sang at The Hatchcover and The Buckeye. Julia attended The Kansas City Art Institute and upon completion of her BFA, she started a duo called the “Velour Sisters” singing jazz and originals at The Jerome Hotel and in Breckenridge, Colorado singing at the many lodges as far as Steamboat Springs. Loving to travel, Julia moved to Charleston, South Carolina where she performed full time at various venues. Returning to Carmel Valley, she honed her guitar skills adding more complex arrangements working with teacher, Charlie Deweese. Julia keeps expanding her abilities and vocal expression. She has a great time playing her Taylor acoustic/electric guitar. her music encompasses, jazz, originals, Bossa Nova, soul and folk.