Andrea`s Fault Duo

Favorite Classics

Serving up an irresistible mix of blues, standards, originals, pop and folk, this duet which is two-thirds of the local favorite band, Andrea’s Fault, will express their funkier acoustic side at tonight’s show. Choosing from their favorite songs accumulated over a 40+year span of guitar playing, don’t be surprised if a Jimmy Reed tune is followed by a Neil Young song or an old Folk-box favorite or even a Bessie Smith blues or an original song. Expect some drop D tuning, slide guitar, bongos and a whole lot of straight ahead rhythm in their mix. They enjoy taking turns singing lead… Darrin with his rich resonance and carefree style of singing, and Andrea’s relaxed, authentic and straight-forward delivery. So between the two of them the variety of sounds are sure to keep your ears delighted.