Hannah Cooper

Jazzy Folk

Born and raised in Minnesota, Hannah Cooper is a singer-songwriter with a sound that truly defies categorization. In seeing her perform live, you will experience her years of jazz guitar training, her classical choral background, and fine folk storytelling delivered with brave theatrical flair. She can fluently paint scenery, evoke emotions, and tell complete stories with her sound. Careful listeners may hear multiple stories layered in her songs` chords, textures and lyrics. Evoking powerful subconscious emotions and layering on profoundly philosophical lyrics that speak to our consciousness, she is able to create music that is simultaneously about love and heartbreak, good and evil, reality and dreams. She uses this bewildering superpower to create songs that transport the audience into savored scenes of honest emotion and heightened senses. There, audiences are invited to ponder what gives their own lives sacred joy, morality and meaning. With every performance, her listeners who come expecting a "just another" singer-songwriter are simply blown away. Critically acclaimed artists and leaders in the music industry are delighted and amazed by Hannah`s courageous new sound. Cosy Sheridon writes "Hannah Cooper is a high wire artist working without a net. She is looking far beyond the boundaries of singer/songwriter music. It is a pleasure to hear her." Hannah has had her talent recognized in international and elite-class songwriting contests. She won Best Folk Song in the 2017 American Songwriting Awards with "The Hickory Tree." She also earned a nomination for Best Folk Song in the American Songwriting Awards and Hollywood Songwriting Contest for "The Colors You Make.