Blues / Rock / R&B

Morticai is a multi-instrumental loop artist from the Monterey Bay dedicated to immersing his audience in a space of healing and self-reflection. Through the use of his bass guitar, different percussive tools, found-sound, and the imaginative manipulation of said sound Morticai is able to conjure a sea of sonic blankets for his listeners to lie in. Morticai creates with the intent to inspire creativity within his listener and often incorporates participation into his performances as to bring a sense of community into the room. Morticai challenges his listener with patience as he builds dreamy soundscapes live, blurring the lines between music and emotion, invoking deep contemplation within a sonic space that seems all too familiar. Though you may feel lost at times, Morticai asks that you trust he has a plan and a path to guide you home with the power of music and creativity.