7 Jul 2018Kiki Wow
SaturdayEasy Listening
10:30am - 11:30amCenter for Spiritual Living
Franklin & Pacific
$ 0 DonationSunday Morning  

This is an opportunity for me to play a couple of original songs to a listening audience. Can’t beat that!

About Kiki Wow

“Surprisingly very original, acoustic-vibed, soft rock music with lyrics that stay with you long after the song is over" is how L.A. Musician Magazine described the sound of singer/songwriter, Kiki Wow. Kiki performs regularly solo as well as with some of the best musicians in throughout the Monterey Peninsula and Carmel Valley. She also produces many successful music concerts, benefits, festivals and promotes the power of music. Kiki is a multi-genre music lover, promoter and performer who writes and sings songs and enjoys producing concerts. Kiki plays bass and guitar and believes the fun of the whole music life is hanging with her band mates.