24 Nov 2017David Vidal
FridayAmerican Roots
6:30pm - 9:30pmTrailside Cafe
3 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley
$ 0 DonationOn Tour from L.A.  

Greg met David Vidal in a recording studio in L.A., and came home and said, "you gotta book this guy, heís got some stellar songs." Itís true, I play his CD all the time, love his songwriting and songs stay with me. Hope youíll come and check it out - he plays a cigar box as well as guitar, harmonica. Very refreshing.

About David Vidal

David Vidal grew up in New Mexico and Colorado, in a musical family that moved often. His father was a boogie woogie piano player, who also sang cowboy songs accompanied by guitar. His three older sisters had a vocal trio that performed at churches and schools. Vidal taught himself guitar from a book of blues standards, and started playing in jam bands bands in high school in Denver. After graduating, he took off hitchhiking across America, guitar in hand. He wandered up to Oregon, through Canada and up to Alaska. Over to Minnesota and Michigan. Chicago, Washington D.C., New York City and up to Vermont. He landed for awhile in Missouri, and then to Tucson, and then San Francisco, where he lived on a houseboat and played his songs in the coffee houses of North Beach. He turned twenty one in Merida, Mexico, and returned to the States hopping freight trains. After settling in Phoenix for a few years and playing in rock bands, he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as a songwriter and in the studio at Criterion Music in Hollywood. He toured in Europe with the band Village of Odd Waters, and has released four critically acclaimed solo albums, in addition to having songs in numerous films and television shows.

About Kiki Wow & Friends

Always great fun featuring different musicians from Monterey County to add to the flavorful sounds and songs of Kiki Wow, as well as many classic covers that are all time favorites. We have a really great time and hope you will join us.