26 Jan 2018Wes Kelley & The Lazy Boyz
6:30pm - 9:30pmCaffe Trieste
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
$ 0 DonationEasy on the Ears  

This great group will kick you in the heart and wake you up with stories that are so well told by writer, Wes Kelley. The Blackhawks are a great new band, I know you will enjoy what they have to offer.

About Wes Kelley & The Lazy Boyz

About Wes Kelley Above all else, Wes is a storyteller. Over the course of his life, he has held dozens of jobs and traveled the world, gathering material for his novels, short stories and original songs. A founding member of “The Delta 88’s”, his songwriting has evolved from blues to what he calls “Mongrel Americana”, combining imaginative storytelling, rich chord progressions and subtle arrangements. An outstanding author, Wes has written ten books and you can read more about them at: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/vegasohvegas