13 Jan 2018Robert Elmond Stone
SaturdayCountry Western
6:00pm - 9:00pmTrailside Cafe
3 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley
$ 0 DonationCountry Western Style  

Love this guy - both professionally and personally. He’s got what it takes to succeed in this music business and he has a lot to offer about life itself.

About Robert Elmond Stone

A native Californian Robert Elmond Stone grew up on the road, a military brat in air force. `Used sing some of these old songs as a youngster with his mom. His father was big on jazz and classical so he grew up with lots of musical influences and began playin` young. Much music in the house. He rediscovered his musical roots and heritage one day when he just happened to sing some old country tune and " Whoa, that felt right, just fell into place". Been singin country music ever since.