10 Feb 2018Tom Lawson
7:30pm - 9:30pmPlanet Gemini
2110 N. Fremont Street in Seaside
$ 0 DonationMr. Blues  

Bringing you the big time blues and some instrumentals from Mr. Tom Lawson. He’s so much fun to listen to and has the raspy blues down to a deep cobalt blue.

About Tom Lawson

Tom Lawson, although known primarily as keyboardist/vocalist with Monterey area bands such as Blues at Eleven, strips the music down to the core of the blues experience with his solo piano and vocal performance. The music is selected from the birth of recorded blues in the 1920s onward, but it is more than just a history lesson. Each song tries to capture the emotion of the original performance and to involve the listener in the story that each song tells. Tom says,"It is one thing to play the notes but to communicate emotion demands more. I hope to do this every time I am in front of an audience."