3 Jun 2018Kiki Wow
10:30am - 11:30amCenter for Spiritual Living
Franklin & Pacific
$ 0 DonationInspirational Sunday  

I play once a month at this service that is very inspirational and friendly. Always good to give a day of music to a great listening and caring group. I play original songs, sometimes written for the message a week beforehand. Keeps me sharpening my songwriting skills.

About Kiki Wow

Singer/Songwriter, Kiki Wow, plays regularly throughout the Monterey Peninsula both classic favorites and original songs. Her sweet vocals and rhythm guitar hit a delightful and familiar chord that has her audiences singing along from the first song on. She has the ability to transport an audience to a better place. Her songs are upbeat, and catchy, and put down roots in your mind. There’s a lot of the same sunshine and sea-breeziness in her music that KAREN CARPENTER or THE BEACH BOYS are famous for. Carefree, beautifully soaring harmonies are an element of most of Kiki’s songs—SHERYL CROW’s “Soak Up The Sun” could easily pass for one her originals.

Her long-standing show at KULAK’S WOODSHED in North Hollywood is a popular “hang” and most of Los Angeles best songwriters have made an appearance. The six-camera live webcast is faithfully viewed on the internet by people the world over!

Kiki’s story will make a hell of a TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY one day. It’s had its share of high points, to be sure—from an appearance as a coffeehouse singer on NBC’s NORM, to opening for MIDNIGHT OIL at the height of her band`s (Citadel) fame. Her life has also held its share of hardships, but you’d never know it to meet her.

Her “Songwriter Circles” have been held at venues from The Cat Club to UCLA’s Royce Hall and in producing them, Kiki showcases, as much as anything, her desire to nurture and support the talents of the performers she admires.

This warm, giving, earth mother side of her is incredibly sexy, and men and women both respond to it. It shows in everything she does, from greeting a friend, to debuting a work-in-progress at one of her regular L.A. haunts. She’s such a positive force that, when I first met her, I thought her outlook had to be an act, but that’s just “Keek”. --Lord Carrett