11 May 2018Zack Freitas
FridayBlues / Rock / R&B
6:30pm - 9:30pmCaffe Trieste
409 Alvarado Ave., Monterey
$ 0 DonationLively Fun  

Zack is one passionate performer, you will love his stories, voice and original songs.

About Zack Freitas

When I tell people I play music, they naturally ask me, "What kind of music do you play?". The easiest way to explain that is to describe what they already know. Include a genre and a few bands I like, and that`s how I sound. At face value in a conversation that works just fine and then we can change the subject. But what people may not understand is I just simply write brutally honest music from my heart. As a songwriter, there`s particular things I`ll draw from, mainly experiences I have. I tend to work with themes such as depression, social commentary, angst, existentialism, & dependence (whether it be a substance, or love from another person). We all experience these themes of vulnerability to a degree at some point in our lives. The best I can do is create something the listener will identify with. Songwriting is a form of therapy. I honestly believe that music has saved my life more than once, and will continue to due so until the music industry tears me apart, but that`s okay. If someone asked me why I make music, I would tell them the story about my cousin Johnny... When I was 19, Johnny died in an automobile accident. He was the same age as me, and a musician too. It made me think, "That could have been me." So from that point on I decided to dedicate myself entirely to the craft of writing songs. Because at any given moment, everything and everyone you love could suddenly vanish into oblivion like it did for Johnny. The best thing I can do with my life is to leave behind a legacy of captivating music for people that are battling with themselves, because all it takes is one song to give life meaning to someone who once thought it means absolutely nothing.