5 May 2018Boscoe’s Brood
8:00pm - 10:00pmPlanet Gemini
2110 N. Fremont Street in Seaside
$ 0 DonationCinco de Mayo Special  

CINCO DE MAYO PARTY! This will be a great night of Latin music and major hits. Brother and sister team together for one great night of music.

About Boscoe’s Brood

BOSCOE’S BROOD (aka Sam Regalado) earned his musical stripes in the Los Angeles coffee house, bar and nightclub scene. Weaned on the music of The Beatles, his tastes and songwriting style eventually expanded and came to include progressive, alternative, harmonic and pop genres; those that today he blends into a creative acoustic sound. Many of his songs are often windows designed to observe the often-quirky lives and habits of everyday people. A veteran road warrior, Boscoe’s Brood has amassed considerable performance miles from San Diego through Seattle, having serenaded music lovers throughout the west with his with guitar, loop, and harmony effects. It’s who he’s been and who he is. Facebook Music Page https://www.facebook.com/boscoesbroodmusic/ Originals Boscos Brood Live.mp4 Covers https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B14McGJodeztODBRM2lERzNMQWc/view

About Sus Corez

Sus Corez is a southland favorite based in Ventura and performs throughout Ojai and Santa Barbara. Her acoustic soul and folky funk style is a blend of familiar favorites with a twist and well crafted originals. Having performed in the 80’s with latin jazz, r & b, and funk bands, she left the L.A. scene and headed slightly north. She developed into a proficient solo artist and deepened her passion for bluegrass, country and acoustic styles. An accomplished guitarist and vocalist, her repertoire is expanded by switching between regular and open guitar tunings. Admittedly under the influence of Joni and Dylan, she’s a real crowd pleaser.