19 May 2018Kyle Kovalik
SaturdayBlues / Rock / R&B
8:00pm - 10:00pmPlanet Gemini
2110 N. Fremont Street in Seaside
$ 0 DonationGreat Guitarist  

Kyle is an outstanding guitarist and has some great songs to sing. He’s passionate about music and the wine bar and tapas are pretty awesome too.

About Kyle Kovalik

Kyle Kovalik spent many a year chasing songs and rivers around the country and abroad, with residencies or extended travel in most of the western states, among other beautiful places. Recently he settled back on the Monterey Peninsula, the place of his origin. He writes songs of love and loss, heartbreak and hope. A graduate of the Musicianís Institute of Los Angeles, and long time guitarist for the Jackson Sundown Band (Seattle) and indie artist Megan Burtt (Denver), his guitar skills add special flavor to his compositions, beyond the typical strumming troubadour. When heís not playing and singing he can usually be found frolicking on a challenging whitewater river somewhere, guiding friends and clients down many of the westís most famous waterways.