30 Jun 2018Vincent Randazzo
SaturdayAlternative / Indie
8:00pm - 10:00pmPlanet Gemini
2110 N. Fremont Street in Seaside
$ 0 DonationIndie Unique  

Vincent is a fulltime musician and I love his individuality. A great singer/songwriter and youthful energy sets him apart.

About Vincent Randazzo

Monterey Bay native Vincent Randazzo is a musician known for his prowess in the studio as well as his performances on the stage- a pairing becoming scarce in modern music. His compositions through a car stereo may come across as concise, his lyricism introspective, with each arrangement premeditated and melted down to itís truest essence. Put him on a dimly lit dive bar stage? Excitement and energy abound. Songs contract to pull in audiences and expand to fill the room; off the cuff but with no expense of quality. A dialogue is created and it is clear Randazzo has a natural talent to read a room and take hold while leaving them room to breathe. No doubt, he has learned a thing or two in his run with local rock outfit Moses Nose and his current project orchestrating the seven piece supergroup the Beholder Band.