28 Jul 2018Six String Pharmacy
SaturdayAlternative / Indie
8:00pm - 10:00pmPlanet Gemini
2110 N. Fremont Street in Seaside
$ 0 DonationPopular Duo  

First time at Bakai and they are making their footprint in Monterey. Great duo, very enjoyable.

About Six String Pharmacy

Six String Pharmacy is a Monterey County acoustic style power duo composed of long time music veterans and collaborators El Cajon and Mr. X. Their prescription for what ails you is found in the multi-colored sounds that they deliver through various instruments and vocal harmonies. With influences that span across numerous genres and musical renditions that cross and blend them all together, this eclectic and versatile combo is guaranteed to provide an experience that includes some musical medicine that is good for everyone.