My Speeches

So Much Beauty To Speak Of!

Lupines in Carmel Valley

Photo by Sam Johnston
So many speeches - so many words, only to realize that silence has its glorious place.

I started out afraid to death to say anything, even though I was outgoing - when I did have everyone’s attention, it freaked me out. So I joined Toastmasters and before you know it - with constant commitment, I now host and produce a music and arts tv show in Monterey, I previously hosted a live music webcast show every week on the web; and am Past President of Warner Bros. Toastmasters.

I’m finding that I’ve said just about everything I ever wanted to or needed to be said -- and often say things I shouldn’t say but it just comes out so fast! There’s no filter on the hole in my face.

I have included a few of my speeches; it was hard to choose which ones, so check back, I will rotate them for your amusement.

Oh - and everybody can be a better communicator, check out what you don’t know at www.toastmasters